Saturday, April 29, 2006

The View from Parallel Earth: The (Un)Riehl World View

Whew. I know I frequently say that we shouldn't just seek out the worst mistakes the other guys make, but I stumbled across this accidentally, so, hey, that's some bit of an excuse. The Lincoln quote is, of course, one everybody loves, and one that certain folks need to reflect on...mostly those on the right these days, but a fair number on the left as well. But apparently in the bizarre anti-Earth on which the author of this post lives, it was Kerry who was divisive, while Bush was/is "one average man stand[ing] strong, calm and reassuring while under pressures I absolutely could not imagine any one individual in this life having to bear." He continues: "And, at least in my eyes, somewhere along the way I came to see that 'average' man as simply a good man made great by circumstance."

Whew. Wow, man, what else is different about the planet where you live? Anti-gravity? Reverse entropy? WWF real? What?

All I could do when I ran across this was sit there with my mouth open, aghast. I understand making a mistake...but to be so completely out of touch with reality...Jebus. Kinda scary.


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