Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Drum on Mobile "Biolabs" Story

Drum's claim here is in accordance with my quick reaction to attacks on the Post mobile "biolabs" story. In short, even if the preponderance of available expert opinion was to the effect that they were mobile weapons labs, the administration still acted irresponsibly because, as in so many other cases, they represented a controversial conclusion as if it were certainly true.

Still, there are nuances here that we might want to sort out, e.g. stuff about the tenor of the Post story.

Still, the technically-speaking-it-was-not-a-bald-faced-lie defense is getting pretty old. To put it in a little perspective, if Clinton had been cut less than half this much slack, his meaning-of-'is' defense would have been accepted and he'd never have been impeached.


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