Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dissenting Opinions Re: Use of "Mobile Weapons Lab" Evidence

Insty links to three criticisms of the Post story. No time to sort through these now. Of course folks on that end of the spectrum continue to spin everything as hard as possible to find plausible (and often implausible) deniability for their hero, but they've been right about some of it. Fortunately this is an issue we should be able to figure out with a little bit of effort. Intellectual honesty'll be the key here, of course.

I've read some cognitive scientists say that we tend to give little thought to claims with which we agree, whereas we subject claims with which we disagree to much more careful examination. So if that's right and things go by the book, our friends on the right probably thought more carefully about this story than we did. Now it's our turn.


Blogger rilkefan said...

This is another "Shape of the earth: views differ" argument from the right, except that Bush was claiming knowledge, which was a lie under the most generous interpretation of the facts.

12:24 PM  

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