Monday, April 17, 2006

2006 Republican Agenda


Here it is (HT: Rilkefan, from below.)

The GOP: Making the Democrats Look Good Since 1969.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that isn't too surprising, sad to say.

I don't know WS, you and I disagree about things a lot, but this stuff really bothers me a lot. I think it bothers me in the same way that my opinions sometimes bother you.

I also think our reactions are the same...what a bunch of stupid X#$%&*s. Not policitally, mind you, just, uh, in my opinion (or your opinion).

That said, you and I can throw darts and make up, while I don't know how I would have a conversation with any of these people. Really don't, I honestly think that my value as a person would be reduced every single second I wasted my time with one of these clowns.

But that's just me.

1:26 AM  

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