Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VD, Suckers

Now, February 14th is a sore subject with some people, so I don't want to start a whole big thing here. Some people whom I love and respect are all into the whole VD thing. But I just want to say that, among the ridiculously many Great Things About My Life, the very greatest is Johnny Quest. Am I saying this because VD makes me get all mooshy? No, I am not. I am saying this because one of the seven thousand or so things that makes JQ the world's coolest girlfriend is her unbridled contempt for Valentine's Day.

Girls, you want to make your BF happy? Kick the VD habit. It's not like celebrating VD is a "deal breaker" (n.b. stupid-ass term) for me or anything. I can imagine having a GF who wanted to celebrate it. But a healthy contempt for this "holiday" is evidentially important. A girl who wants flowers and pink hearts on February 14th is probably not a girl I'm going to get along with very well for any length of time. Girls I like tend to roll their eyes at the mention of VD.

On the other hand, one of the things that makes it possible to put the whole 2/14 thing to rest is, I think, having the relevant kinds of intimacy properly integrated into the rest of your life. If your GF gets the attention she deserves the rest of the time, she probably won't feel a need to demand embarrassingly over-the-top prefabricated pseudo-sentiment-oriented products on VD.

Um, did I really write this post? Does anybody know what the point of this was?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a fellow blogger has uncovered the true meaning of VD rituals:



3:44 PM  
Blogger rilkefan said...

"Am I saying this because VD makes me get all mooshy?" Are we talking syphilis or - oh, not STD. Sorry, carry on.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Aa said...

The point is your annual VD rant...er, isn't it?

6:01 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...


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