Sunday, August 08, 2004


So there's been lots of craziness on the left about alleged politicization of terrorism alerts by the administration--some good arguments, too, but lots of craziness. (Wanna see some of it? Read the comments at Corrente in response to Lambert's post responding to posts by Kevin Drum and me. Kevin in particular is apparently a big fat Bush lover. Who knew?)

So, anyway, as I am wont to do from time to time, I was giving Johnny Quest my gosh-I-keep-forgetting-how-nutty-liberals-can-be speech, opining that maybe we really are as kooky as conservatives after all ...when I came upon a link to this post in Freeperland, via Atrios.


I stand corrected.

[Update: Matt C informs us that FreeRepublic pulled the thread in question, presumably b/c it was too crazy. Well, good for FreeRepublic, I say. One has to have standards.

So, what was it about? Sadly, I read it at the end of a long day, and was half asleep when I did. (I'm 3/4 asleep now, but that final 25% just won't manifest itself tonight.) Anyway, I was almost too tired to even finish this brief post, so my recollection is hazy. But here's the jist of it:

It started out with a message about the UN sending observers to, well, observe our presidential election to make sure everything is kosher. Many of the comments that followed were threats to shoot "the first blue helmet" seen. Yup, they were basically threatening to kill UN troops. (Um...why they thought there would be troops involved...well, I'm not too clear on that part...) On the bright side, I think in the end they may have just decided to beat them up and stomp on their head gear. No, I'm not making that part up.

There was also a lot of stuff about...and this is where it went from the merely homocidal to the utterly, totally, completely H. P. Lovecraft-level insane....the Democrats trying to steal the 2000 election. See, the overall idea was apparently that the Democrats were ("again") going to try to steal the election, but this time with the help of UN troops.

That's when I had to stop reading. I mean, they (in essence) stole the election and I've learned to live with that. They deny that they stole it, and I've even learned to put up with that. But when they steal it, deny that they stole it and then accuse us of trying to steal it... Well, that's where I gotta draw the line, folks. I quit reading at that point, though I'm sure there were many other fascinating insights that remained to be discovered.

Jebus, is this planet getting weirder or is it just me?]

[Update update: Still on the subject of abject insanity, I direct your attention to this comment on the Atrios post abovementioned. Um, is that a threat? As one Atrios commenter noted, sure sounds like a threat.

Must be the planet...]


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