Monday, August 09, 2004

Blog It Like Bill

I say we declare—oh, say next Wednesday—Blog Like O’Reilly Day. Waddaya think? Oh, so you don’t think that’s a very good idea, eh, Mr. PINKO F****** COMMIE liberal? Well, you’re so much smarter than everybody else I guess ordinary guys like me from LEVITTOWN should just…HEY SHUTUP YOU COMMIE. That’s right, I’m callin’ you a COMMIE, COMMIE. I know you’re getting your marching orders from Hitlery and the other COMMIES in the COMMIE COMMIE-CRATIC PARTY OF COMMIES. What? SHUTUP. I didn’t call you a COMMIE, you COMMIE. I called you a QUASI-COMMIE. COMMIE. You’re so smart. Well I’m standing up for the REGULAR GUY. Where’d you get that information about me calling you a COMMIE? Your own ears, is it? Well SHUTUP! Where’d you get those ears? Oh, from your COMMIE PARENTS, eh? Well I’ve got some news for you, mister COMMIE PINKO COMMIE—why don’t you make your own ears? But before you do, SHUTUP. WHERE DO YOU GET OFF getting ears from somebody else? Here in AMERICA and especially in LEVITTOWN, a pleasant suburb of which I actually once LIVED in, we value SELF-F******-RELIANCE which a COMMIE like you probably wouldn’t understand. I WORKED for these ears, and if COMMIES like you get your COMMIE way, my ears will be taxed so onerously…er, I mean…highly…er…bigly…that I’ll just give up hearing ENTIRELY. I’ll just pack ‘em up and go DEAF. And then what will happen to the economy mister COMMIE I’m-so-much-smarter-than-everybody-else commier-than-thou COMMIE? Huh? My ear, nose and throat doctor has to turn into just a nose and throat doctor, and then he has to fire one of his nurses and then HEY SHUTUP then the whole F****** economy goes t**s up and then what, mister COMMIE? WHAT? WE END UP LIVING IN A COMMIE COMMUNIST STATE JUST LIKE FRANCE OR CANADA. Oh, but you’d LIKE that, wouldn’t you mister COMMIE? I guess that’s because you’re so must SMARTER than everybody else…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:35 AM  

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