Friday, July 30, 2004

Operation No Gloating

O.k., we're going to win. Er...I mean, the Democrats are going to win. Ha ha! Not WE... No, I loathe party affiliation! I'm an independent! Not a member of any organized political party! That's me!...

But seriously...

It's probably going to be a near thing, but, barring a pretty nasty October surprise, I think that the smart money is on Kerry. So, I think that we anti-Bush folks--perhaps especially bloggers--should take a pledge to avoid gloating if we do win in November. You might think that this is a trivial consideration, but I don't.

As you know, I think that this administration was not legitimately elected, and I think that it's full of crooks, fools and idiots. No one will be happier to see them go than I will. But the days after an election are a very crucial and sensitive time, a time when there's a unique window for healing the rift inevitably caused by an election of this kind. Liberal and centrist bloggers are going to have an overwhelming urge to rub it in if Kerry does win. What I want to suggest is that we steel ourselves ahead of time to resist that powerful urge. Nothing good can come of indulging it, and doing so will only drive conservatives further down the strange road they've been traveling since about 1990. We should also prepare ourselves for the torrent of anti-Kerry bile that will pour forth from the right in the days after the election should he win, and prepare ourselves to temper our responses to such anger.

Look, remember that we're all basically brothers. Suppose that your brother is dead wrong about something and you eventually prove this to him. Do you (a) rub it in, make him feel like crap and further alienate him, or (b) help him get over it and get on with things? Not a perfect analogy by far, but you get the point. This country won't run right if we don't regain our unity. Graciousness in victory is one way to help heal the current rift. And, of course, graciousness in victory is far easier than graciousness in defeat.

So, maybe mention this to your favorite anti-Bush blogger.

This will be the first Presidential election since blogs became widespread. Let's set a precedent for the future by being civil whether we win or lose.


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