Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Just some Clarke-relevant linkx

I usually don't just post links...since there are lots better places to go for that than here. But couldn't resist.

First: via Statisticasaurus Rex, Fred Kaplan on why Clarke is probably telling the truth, at Slate.

Second: WTF is up with It runs this story, but the headline on the front page is "Panel Member Challenges Clarke's Credibility," a headline that in no way reveals the most salient content of the story, which contains lots of stunningly important stuff, and then reports some flimsy and unsubstantiated jabs at Clarke at the end.

Third: The first installment in a conversation between Tim Dunlop at The Road to Serfdom and Sean-Paul Kelly at The (indispensible) Agonist on Clarke's book.

Fourth and most significantly: Clarke takes responsibility and asks for forgiveness. Jeez, I almost forgot how honorable adults behave. Perhaps he was too far out of the loop to have been informed that this was all Clinton's fault...or Saddam's fault...or France's fault... Ever notice how it's often the only person who was doing what he was supposed to who accepts responsibility for failure? Reminds me of Romeo Dallaire.

Had to teach today, missed Clarke's testimony. Damn. Thank God for C-SPAN.


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