Friday, February 13, 2004

Bush's Newfound Obsession with NASCAR (Dads)

Er, this isn't the kind of thing I'd usually take the time to comment on...surely somebody else has noticed it, but I can't find anybody snarking about how about that Scott McClellan at this afternoon's press conference? He evaded every single question that was asked except for the one about NASCAR. He repeated the preposterous trope to the effect that Bush is too focused on policy to worry about the campaign a couple of times, but the only answer he responded to at length was the NASCAR one. Cripes, go listen to it. It's so ridiculous it creeped me out. If you were writing a novel about a bullshitting press secretary working for a bullshitter of a president, you couldn't include McClellan's comments, because they'd be too ridiculous. It's an homage to NASCAR and the proud tradition of NASCAR...and the noble drivers of NASCAR...they give back to the community 'n' stuff... And about how Bush is a NASCAR fan from...oh...WAY back... But then McClellan slips into talking about how many million NASCAR fans there are in the country, and it becomes patently obvious that that's the dog part right there, and the rest was just tail. President Rove--um, I meant BUSH, of course--is so focused on policy that he's now being made over into a NASCAR fan to capture the "NASCAR dad" vote.

Prediction: We'll see Bush reprise his role as Commander Codpiece, modified to go after the NASCAR dads. He'll emerge from the pace car at the Daytona 500 or somesuch, dressed up like a driver, helmet tucked under his arm...Budweiser and Viagra patches stuck all over him, couple of Coors Lights stuck down his drawers to caputure the NASCAR mom vote... To make it truly analogous to his last stunt, maybe he should do it in August and hang a banner behind him that says "Election Won!"

Too ridiculous, you say? Go listen to McClellan and then decide....


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