Thursday, February 05, 2004

Al Sharpton Sucks

Via Mark Kleiman I discover that via Nick Confessore we can discover that The village Voice has discovered that Roger Stone (a bad man; in fact, the bad man who was in charge of the GOP forces that stopped the recount in Miami-Dade county during Black November) seems to be running the campaign of the evil Al Sharpton.

This, if true, is such a moral cluster f*@# that I wouldn't know where to start. And I wouldn't know when to stop. I'm sure the Democrats and the Republicans will end up arguing over who this shows is worse, but what it shows is that they both suck. The Republicans suck because there seems to be no depth to which their dirty tricks squad will not stoop. And the Democrats suck because they were complicitous in this one. How on Earth is it that evil Al can appear on stage with all the Democratic candidates in debate after debate, and not a single one of those candidates sees fit to comment on evil Al's evilness? You know all the crazy, infuriating, irrational stuff about Republicans that drives Democrats crazy? Well, this is the kind of crap that drives Republicans crazy about Democrats.

Mark is on this one, and I don't have much to add. I do disagree with him about one thing, though. He thinks that it's not too late for one of the Democratic candidates to have a "Sister Soulja" moment, but I think that it is. Well, better late than never, of course. But the candidates have already shown that they're willing to share the stage with evil Al and pretend that the guy deserves to be treated with respect. Any denunciation of him now that he's turned out to be in cahoots with the GOP just won't carry the same moral force, IMHO. They've basically missed their chance.

I will now demonstrate my own virtue by linking to this post. [Er, apparently I won't, b/c the hardlink doesn't seem to work. I wrote, fascinatingly: "I mean, Al Sharpton? AL SHARPTON???? How can any self-respecting candidate even appear on the same stage with that guy after the Tawana Brawley business? Sure, the Republicans usually have their own cast of lunatics...but...AL SHARPTON?????" Eloquent, eh? anyway, at least I wrote it on September 15 2003, so there.]

Every now and then you can still see leftymobiles around Chapel Hill with those 'Tawana!' bumperstickers. I've often thought to myself that an alien linguist might hypothesize that 'Tawana!' means 'I am a damn idiot. And I need to wash my car.'
[Well somebody's a damn idiot all right...]


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