Monday, August 01, 2022

Are Dems and Pubs in a "Statistical Dead Heat" re: the Midterms?

Well, the Pubs are doing a pretty good job of making it close than it should be--and needless to say, the media is doing whatever it can, too...but it's a bit hard to believe that Americans are really that stupid. I mean...we're stupid, sure...but that stupid? Doesn't that seem to be a stretch even for us? The Dems lost their shit around 2014 and have become even crazier since then...kinda hard to believe that the Pubs are really considered too extreme when compared to the party of drag queen story hour, open borders, domr men are women, child sexual mutilation, unchecked inflation, and critical race theory...but who knows? The media is an almost unparalleled force multiplier. It could happen.
   My guess is that this is one of those polls that finds whatever conclusion it takes to maximize the Dems' chances in the upcoming election...but the abortion-and-gay-marriage freakout on the Pubs' right wing might could do the needed trick.
   The future of the nation depends on you not fucking this up, Pubs. 
   Do try to do something right for once.


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