Saturday, July 30, 2022

UNC BoT Passes Huge Resolutions: Adoption of Chicago Statement and Kalvin Report, Student Fees Must Be Viewpoint-Neutral

Any "university" that doesn't / wouldn't accept the Chicago statement and the Kalven report is not actually a university.
   One [resolution] states that funds collected from mandatory student fees are to be distributed in a viewpoint-neutral fashion. That is to say, without favoritism for “progressive” organizations or hostility toward conservative and libertarian ones. University administrators have often played favorites and it’s a good thing that school policy now forbids it.
   The second resolution affirms the university’s commitment to the Chicago Principles and UNC’s 1967 Kalven Committee Report. Both uphold academic freedom and the role of the university as a place for debate and scholarship rather than activism.

This is huge. This is a model public universities should all follow to fight the totalitarian left's takeover of  academia. 


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