Monday, February 28, 2022


Right on schedule--just in time to keep fear alive.
On no grounds other than those alluded to.

What If Putin Uses Thermobaric Weapons Against Cities?

I don't think the international community will stand for it.
I fear that could lead us down the path toward nuclear conflict.

McGregor: More on the Case for Putin / Stop Arming Ukraine

I actually currently incline to think the case against us and in favor of Russia/Putin is pretty strong--but not strong enough to excuse the attack on Ukraine.
But I'm pretty ignorant about all this.
I'm certainly not convinced that we should stop helping Ukraine.
But I do think we are in danger of slipping into a cycle of escalation that nobody will be able to control.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Condoleezza Rice: Putin Delusional?

I almost burst into tears when I saw Condoleezza Rice on my feed--I know that she knows what she's talking about re: Ukraine and Russia. And, though I'm sure there are a lot of people who know what they're talking about, I don't know who they are. Or: not many of them, anyway. 
   Anyway: she describes his recent rendering of history as "delusional," and very clearly says that there's been a change in him. He is getting on up there in years... 

My $0.02: Putin Is About To Get Desperate, And That's Not Good

I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm not a student of Putin. I'm a somewhat-more-well-informed-than-average American. But it seems hard for me to believe that Putin can accept a defeat in Ukraine. According to the people I've been reading, he's largely motivated by an obsession with Russia being recognized as a great power. A defeat in Ukraine would be the end of that. Or so it seems to me.
   I wonder whether the worst outcome for the world is a Ukraine win? 
   Nevertheless, I want to give them all our Stingers and Javelins...and maybe more than that...

Ukrainians Hold Kyiv

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ukrainians Shoot Down A Hind

Fuck you Putin:

Carolina 84 - State 74

 For the sweep.

Ketanji Brown Jackson: A Politician In Robes?

I wouldn't doubt it, but this is from Fox.

Trump on Putin

That dumbass just can't STFU to save his life.
He did a great job in four years of fighting for America against our own crazy left. But he couldn't keep his big dumb mouth shut, ergo saddling us with arguably the worst president and administration of my lifetime. Sure, the blue team cheated its ass off and compromised our electoral system in the process--but Trump still would have won if he could have cut out 10% of the extraneous, fruitless bloviating. 
Now this

When DIE Measures Crush Free Speech

Kind of a weak and selective criticism of so-called "DEI" and "BIRT"s ("bias response teams"). But we probably can't expect much more from the Chronicle

Friday, February 25, 2022

When You're Not Quite Worried Enough To Send In The F-22s...

U.S. F-35s forward-deployed to Romania, Estonia and Lithuania.
Bonus: Ukranian Su-27 loses comms, lands in Romania. 

Did Putin Ask To Join NATO?

He says he asked Bill Clinton in 2000.
Big if true.
I'm woefully ignorant about such things--but turning him down certainly sounds like it was a mistake. Though it's hard to tell how much of that judgment depends on hindsight. 
Bringing Russia more firmly into Europe / the West certainly sounds like it would be good--especially with the rise of a more belligerent China. 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

I'd Be Pretty Nervous If I Were...

...Taiwan right about now.

Fuck Putin

That is all.

St. Javelin

Long Live the Ghost of Kyiv

Biden Throws Putin Into Xi's Briar Patch

Well I sure hope this is wrong.

Russians Protest Against Putin and His War on Ukraine

Big, big props to these people, who can go to jail--Russian jail--for protesting. 

Russia Takes Out Ukraine's Air Defenses With Precision-Guided Munitions

As for Ukraine's air force...there's not much to it.

The Real Threat To Academia Is, Of Course, From The Right...

Jesus, these people.
Don't get me wrong--the right has plenty of crazies, and can do all sorts of harm. But five years--or fifty years, depending on how you count it--into the lunatic left's attempted destruction of academia, this midwit (film studies, Portland the source...) thinks that Christopher Rufo and one intemperate outburst by a Texas Republican against tenure constitute the most pressing threats. 
   Oh and: check out the link that alleges to evidence Rufo's "prolific falsehoods." It merely links to a--actually pretty good--article in which he aims to tell people how to oppose CRT. 
   And don't miss the part about how CRT and its inventors and advocates have no interest in indoctrination! That's my favorite part.
   Incidentally, the question of tenure is an open one. Whether it does more harm that good isn't clear. I tend to favor it. But I haven't actually thought very hard about it.

54% of Americans Think Biden Will Be Rated Among the Worst Presidents

Recency bias...but a distinct possibility.

Missouri Contra Masks

The COVID cult really, really, really likes forcing people to cover their faces.

Russia Attacks Ukraine

I was extremely wrong about this.
very, very not good.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Trudeau Ends Use Of Emergencies Act

But he's still a sonofabitch.

Thousands of Phantom Voters in WI?

If only we had a class of professional investigators who would...just spitballin' around asking questions and poking into matters of public interest and then writing it all up to be printed in daily or weekly periodical publications...
Nah...that's crazy...

Steve Benen is an Idiot

I used to think he was ok.
Seems I was wrong. 
Guess there's less room for brains when Trump is living in your head.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

"The Beginning Of An Invasion"

So...Biden didn't actually call it an invasion...just "the beginning of" one
So that means: as of now, not an invasion.

"Putin's Move On Donetsk, Lukansk Illegal, But Falls Short of a New 'Invasion'"

Don't ask me, I just post here.


Russia Invades(?) Eastern Donbas

Hm. I think this probably counts as me and the conservatives being wrong...which is fine. But it isn't clear. 
   I was under the impression that Ukraine doesn't want those break-away regions, and has specifically resisted Russian efforts to pressure them (Ukraine) to reintegrate them. (Ukraine doesn't want pro-Russian regions messing with its politics--that's the standard story, anyway, as I understand it.) So I thought the Russian invasion threat was against Ukraine per se, not those regions. This could just be confusion on my part, or this could be a borderline case of invasion. story--"Putin Deploys Peacekeepers...". (That's not some lightweight site, incidentally.)

Monday, February 21, 2022

RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, or: Biden's Theater of the Absurd

I'm trying to keep an open mind...but honestly, I just don't believe it. 
I think this is the Biden administration flirting with nuclear brinksmanship in order to manufacture a fake foreign policy victory so it has something it can pretend is a reason to vote blue in November. 
This is the kind of insane bullshit I originally thought Trump might pull...but, of course, he never did.
The blues not only saddled us with a terrible president, they saddled us with a dangerous one--one who is now doing the kind of insane bullshit they told us Trump would do.
The difference: I changed my damn mind in response to the evidence.
But I'll bet you this won't flip anyone I know from the blue team to the red team--not even for this one election.

The Crazification Of TNR: Durham's "Sham" Investigation

This is so pathetically stupid I'm not even going to comment on it, and there's no reason to read it. I guess it's notable that the leftist media is obviously panicking.
I just want to note that TNR used to be a great publication.
But everything woke turns to shit.

[Unnecessary addendum:
Every scrap of obviously nonsense about Russiagate was gobbled up and spewed out by these people. They're still trying to pretend that something survived the Mueller investigation. Now a probably-over-scrupulous clarification by the uber-cautious Durham is a reason to SHUT DOWN THIS SHAM INVESTIGATION!!!1111. I guess this means that the blue wall is starting to crack and they no longer think they can just kill this story with silence.]

Edwin Curtin: War or Images of War?

This is basically the view that seems most reasonable to me: Putin might be preparing to invade, but things are being made worse by American political goings-on--mainly the administration's fanning of the flames of panic. Not to say that the Pubs aren't doing their share as well. But they're the junior partner this time around.
   I don't think people understand how little they understand about such things. I certainly don't know what to do. Arming Ukraine and calmly making it clear that we'll impose all the sanctions we can think of if Russia invades seems like the obvious way to go. But I dunno. Gearing up U.S. oil production would be good for many reasons. But Biden, motivated by climate change hysteria/mythology basically built a spigot of cash for Putin.
   I dunno, man.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Latest Blue Team Crisis Fodder: TH' ROOSKIES R COMIN'!!!

OTOH: we know the blue team is a bunch of hysteriacs who use fake and exaggerated crises to achieve their political ends. So...
The red  team did the same thing with WMDs in eye-rack. They're not above it. And they rely on the same crappy intelligence agencies that the blue team relies on...
But the blue team is a bunch of hysteriacs, and their addiction to and manipulation of crises is a matter of high principle--a feature not a bug.
Sure. Of course. Vlad ain't no nice guy. The Rooskies may, indeed, be coming. To, y'know, Ukraine...
But you've gotta be pretty credulous to believe anything the blue team says anymore.
And we've got particular evidence in this case that they're so desperate for the appearance of a win that they're exaggerating specifically in order to be able to claim victory when it doesn't happen.

"The Texas Mask Mystery:" When the governor lifted the state’s mandate, liberals predicted disaster that never came...

Not very mysterious, if you ask me.
Try hard and I think you can dream up an explanation simpler than the author's...

Progressivism In Yet Another Nutshell: Rachel Gutman: "Mask Mandates Are Illogical. So What?"

Refreshingly honest.

Lockdown/Mask Harm

Gosh, so surprising.

WSJ: Trudeau's Destructive "Emergency"

Margot Cleveland: 5 Media Lies About Special Council Revelations

Media insanity about Russiagate was in a sense the straw the broke the camel's back for me--or the blasting cap that set off the accumulated explosives that...I dunno...sent me flying through the air until I landed at sufficient distance from the mainstream left to see how terrible it was. Is. I've always opposed the radical illiberal left. But I was basically blind to the flaws of mainstream "liberalism." Actually I used to watch CNN...and even MSNBC, God help me. I had finally recognized their insanity, but I mainly attributed that to hey, cable news bad. I had vowed to ignore Russiagate and wait for the Mueller report. But the absurdity of the coverage was so undeniable that it left me flabbergasted. And watching my friends eat it all That may have been the point at which I started feeling like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone...
   And now here we are. We could hardly ask for a better experiment. Two years of breathlessly reporting every crazy, poorly-sourced, convoluted rumor as if it were fact...until the suspicions flip around 180 degrees. Now the media's suppression drives are spun up to full power. "Jamming the WEZ" as fighter pilots say. The flood of bogus, inscrutable information about Alpha Bank that we got when Trump was the target has been replaced by Don't worry your pretty little heads about it--it's all too complicated and you might have to think
   In fact, if people still trapped in the left's web of lies and delusions would look at this one case, the case of Russiagategate, even semi-carefully, they might escape it like I did.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

America's Largest Teacher's Union Holds "Black Lives Matter In School" Week

Which is, in fact, leftist indocrtination of your children on the public dime week.

Dude Breaks Women's Ivy League Swimming Record

Progressivism Entails That "White Supremacy" is Good: WITE ZUPREMAZY IS FREEDOM Edition

Wow these people are idiots.
This shit doesn't even quite rise to the level of pseudoscience.

Ann Coulter: "Have at 'em, Antifa: The New Free Speech"

Aaron Mate: "Blue Anon" Blames Everything on Russia

This dude's great.

"One-Way Masking Works"

The progressive orthodoxy on masks isn't about effectiveness. It's about power. So they won't care about this. The point is to make people who disagree with you, in effect, mouth the words--in effect expressing the view that you demand they mouth.

More on NPR's "Racist" Emojis

"Yoga Studies" "Professor" Requires That Students State "Their" Pronouns On Papers

...where, of course, they are completely irrelevant. Why would he need them? If you're writing comments, you refer to the student as 'you.' There's no reasons whatsoever to know which pronouns or "pronouns" a student uses when you're grading his or her paper.

University Advises Faculty on "Catgender"

Jacob Hale Russell & Dennis Patterson: "The Mask Debacle"

   In what may be the longest-lasting ramification of our flawed national discussion about masks, the opportunity to do good science was lost. Indeed, Stanford scientist and Tablet contributor John Ioannidis’ much-misrepresented warning that our response to COVID might be a fiasco because of insufficient data may prove one of the few accurate predictions of the pandemic. There was no appetite to do randomized control trials of masking, the gold standard for evidence and which were badly needed to evaluate when and how masks should be used. Unfortunately, proponents of masking proclaimed almost immediately that masks were so obviously useful that it would be unethical to study masking. Even if it were ethical, there was no room in academia for discussions. Who, after all, would study something that was known to be a panacea—and who would want to come to a “pro-Trump” finding? As a consequence, we have learned very little about when, how, or which masking policies are beneficial to help us respond to a future respiratory disease outbreak.
   Some say it is unfair to criticize public health for messaging flip-flops—whether about cloth masks, herd immunity, natural immunity, or the vaccines’ effects on transmissibility—because they were just “following the science” as it changed. But in many cases, what evolved was politics, not science. The critics of public health messaging do not begrudge scientific progress—indeed, most of them want more research. Rather, people are upset by unjustified dogmatic certainty in one direction, followed by an immediate swoop to utter confidence in the opposite course of action. The pandemic produced a headfirst leap into a series of unprecedented interventions, from masks to lockdowns to school closures. In the first weeks of the pandemic, speed was necessary, and mistakes were inevitable. What was not necessary or inevitable was the suppression of healthy skepticism and discussion.

   This is one of the few things I predict our university administration will be more rational about than the faculty. I'll bet the administration feels at least some pressure to drop our mask mandate (which I flaunt at just about every opportunity)--whereas the faculty are religiously devoted to it, as they are to everything progressive. The administration wants the students to be happy--or so I'll bet. Unfortunately we've pegged our mandate to the politicized CDC recommendations...but at least it's going to be hard for them to keep it if the CDC relevantly changes its recommendation. So that's something anyway. I predict the faculty will shriek if/when we drop it--I predict there'll be hysterical demands that everyone keep "masking" (stupid f*cking word) anyway. Which means I'll relish not wearing one even more. I already wear a fake one--it's specifically made to not impede your breathing. That is: it's fake by design. 

Weird YouTube COVID Propaganda

I always get this one row of weird progressive COVID propaganda when I go to YouTube. It features ostentatiously smiling "diverse," usually extremely young doctors (or "doctors"?). Creepy as shit. Sadly, I'm having trouble with my screenshots all of a sudden--they won't save.

Progressives Are Totalitarians: Mounted Police Trample a Protestor in Ottawa

How much of this sort of thing are we going to let the left get away with?

Canada Goes Totalitarian To Stop The Truckers

Progressivism is a mental disorder. Freezing bank accounts?? And: even of people who merely donated?? Which means I'm going to donate right now, incidentally. Easy for me, I'm in the U.S. Not that we're far behind Canada on the totalitarian trajectory.
   Here's your blue future--the progressive brave new world, in which rampaging hordes of rioting, murdering arsonists can burn city after city because they're bad at statistics (and want new t.v.s) and be valorized as "social justice" and "anti-racist" "activists"... But object to the government forcing you to inject a vaccine that is still semi-experimental experimental, in order to fight a disease that is only dangerous to a rather small slice of the population--which might well not include you--then you're a terrorist, jack.

Friday, February 18, 2022

F-15: Is There Anything It Can't Do?: Global Strike Eagle Edition


Canadian Pilot Pleads for Resistance To COVID Tyranny

Thursday, February 17, 2022

ACLU: Everything Woke Turns To Shit

I paraphrase Ira Glasser.

Did The ACLU Go Through the Transporter and Come Back With a Little Black Gotee?

Used to be for civil liberties, now just another totalitarian progressive piece of shit.

Celebrating Week 104 of "Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve"!

Maybe have a lockdown block party!
Maybe wave to your neighbors through the windows, and toast them from safely inside your fear-stench-drenched home...

David Patrikarakos: Why The West Fell For Putin's Bluff

This, also, is along the lines of what seems plausible to me. As in the Miller piece, the main idea seems to be: there's a real threat, because Putin is Putin and Russia is Russia. But the Biden administration / media complex has made everything worse by being hysterical about it. 
   I'd add: I think it's also likely that part of the reason for pumping up the hysteria is, as some conservative sources have emphasized, to manufacture the appearance of a desperately-needed win for this catastrophically awful administration.

Philip Klein: Ending Mask Madness

Pretty typical. Their politically-motivated pseudoscience has become politically inconvenient. So it's time for The Science!(tm) to suddenly discover some new The Science!(tm) that is more or something.    

The Democrat Takeover Of BLM: Bad

Yeah, this is pretty much what I thought when I heard about it.

Christopher Miller: "What Putin Really Wants"

I'm pretty ignorant about the situation, but this seems plausible and consistent with the few things I do think I know.

Preventing Another January 6th: Clarifying The ECA

I don't understand anything about this, but clarification sounds like a good idea.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Conservatives Aim to Convene Constitutional Convention

   That's con con con con to you...
   I haven't been paying attention to this, but it strikes me as just about the worst idea I've ever heard. For one thing, what's the reason for thinking that the newly-insane progressive Dems won't end up in the majority. For another, the Republicans pushing for it sound pretty nutty themselves.
   Could be wrong, but this sounds like a massive, nation-f*cking train wreck waiting to happen.

CRT+ / The Pomo-Prog Worldview in K-12

Here's a shot at a guess at a preliminary explanation of what's going on in schools. (Ungrammatical, but I'm leaving it b/c I can't do better.):
   CRT isn't exactly the problem. The real problem is the cluster of recent (and radical) Continental philosophical/literary/sociological/political ideas that took over the humanities in the '80s/'90s, and that has now infected all our institutions. That cluster of views is highly politicized to the radical left and strongly tends to be--somehow--both dogmatic and skeptical/relativistic/nihilistic. (That latter of cluster of views is inconsistent...but that's the way it is.) But CRT is the flagship view right now, and the cluster of views doesn't have a name. And so opposition has begun using the term 'CRT'--which, incidentally is what Kimberle Crenshaw, a founder of CRT, wanted to happen.
   In some schools, students are being indoctrinated with CRT in particular. And in some they're being indoctrinated with elements of the cluster. But more common is almost certainly: many of their classes include or presuppose elements of the cluster. Even if these views were being taught objectively--here's a view, it's only one among many, it is unproven, it has not achieved widespread agreement, here are the arguments for it, here are the arguments against--it would still not be the normal kind of thing to teach in K-12. And it's being taught there for political reasons, not scholarly or pedagogical ones. But it's not generally being taught objectively. Largely because it's being taught by true believers. It's also made its way outside classrooms, and has been institutionalized into counseling, student activities, and disciplinary stuff. In short, it's not being treated in a scholarly manner--it's being introduced as if it had been established as knowledge, and being used to transform K-12 into a leftist institution.
   Anyway, that's my rough guess as to what's going on.


It's gotten pretty bad when I barely even take such stuff into account anymore. They've cried wolf too many times. They've Lysenkoized science too obviously and appallingly. I basically don't believe anything they say anymore. If I'd still be alive in 2050, I'd make a big bet on this.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Freedom Is The New "White Supremacy"

Progressives have a new boogeyman...

The Diversity Problem On Campus

This is good.

RIP P.J. O'Rourke

Progressivism is a Mental Disease: "Post-Omicron Life Can Be Downright Maddening"

Only because of people like Yasmin Tayag...
Yes, as she points out--as if we needed reminding--the immunocompromised still have to worry. But as for her other example--"parents of young, unvaccinated children"--well, if that's why they're worrying, then they're ignorant. Kids aren't at risk. And if you are even considering vaccinating your young child, you're probably an idiot.
Yes, yes, I know. And I kinda get it. Parenthood makes you crazy. So if that's what it is, it's one thing.
But that's not what it is with the uber-progressive. 
They've added the sacrament of vaccination to their religion.
Here's the thing: other than people with special health problems and the very old, if you're vaccinated an still worrying about the batflu, then you're probably not too bright.

"The Purpose Of A University Isn't Truth, It's Inquiry"

Inquiry is a means to truth. So Inquiry isn't the ultimate purpose of the university. 
The execrable Dewey makes a prominent appearance.
And you'd have to be pretty dim to accept the suggestion that "critical" inquiry should be conceived of as the aim of a university--they put it that way, rather obviously, in order to slip the word 'critical' into mission statements and the like. 
Needless to say they suggest, absurdly, that the right and the left are equally threatening to the university. 
And they sound like relativists sometimes while denying that they are at others.
For example, despite protestations that they aren't, they claim that history has basically given up on truth:
In our discipline, history, the idea that historians can capture history as it really happened has been rejected as a fool’s errand by most of its practitioners for more than a century.
Big if true.
They probably should have told us that they'd transformed history into creative writing--or, more likely, propaganda. Then we'd have known not to pay any attention to them.
They also have something against something they call "positivist truth," whatever that might be. Does she mean the logical positivists? And if so, which ones?
It's not a completely ridiculous post.
But it's pretty bad.

Networks Suppress Russiagategate Revelations

Because the dirtiest political trick in American history just isn't newsworthy.

Monday, February 14, 2022

David Harsanyi: The Media's Blackout On The Newest Durham Revelations

The Russiagate hoax: filled the airwaves with obvious bullshit for two years.
Actually-worse-that-Watergate Russiagategate revelations: assiduously covered up.

NPR: The Wokest, Stupidest (But I Repeat Myself) Story Of All Time?

The vitally important question of the "skin" color of your thumbs-up emoji.
Progressivism is pretty much undeniably the god. damned. stupidest. political view of all time.

David French: Ending Our Censorship Spiral

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Evidence That the Russian/Ukraine Crisis is a Political Ploy

Pelosi and the State Department guy used almost exactly the same words--roughly: if Russia doesn't invade Ukraine, that doesn't mean he never intended means Biden is tough and brilliant and he stopped it from happening...

"Fact"-Checks And Free Crack Pipes

So far as I can tell:
[1] It has not been proven that the administration was going to give out free crax pypz.
[2] The administration was, in fact, going to give them out.
[3] The Free Beacon was right.
[4] The PMSM "fact" checks were bullshit, based on basically nothing but (a) administration talking-points and (b) well, lies. As is common with PMSM "fact"-checks, the "fact"-checkers distorted the facts and the criteria until they got the outcomes they wanted. That is: lies.
   It's possible--but not too likely--that the administration never intended to give out free crack pipes. But the "fact-"checkers had basically no grounds for believing that.

Russiagategate: "The Dirtiest Trick" Gets Even Dirtier

Absolutely unbelievable.
The obviously-bullshit Russiagate story dominated the PMSM for two years.
The real, astonishing Russiagategate story--which looks more and more like the worst political scandal in American history--is squelched to the point of near-nonexistence.
Utterly beyond belief.

Will Biden/Dems "Pivot to Normalcy" With The SotU?

It would be welcome, but cynical and inconsistent.
Still, it would be an improvement, regardless of their reasons.

Where Did The BLM $Millions Go? How Did Its Main Priority Become Non-Heterosexuality?

They've been untouchable and unaccountable
That might not last.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Durham: Clinton campaign paid to 'infiltrate' Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia

1,000 tines worse than anything discovered by Mueller.

VDH: Biden Is The Most Dangerously Radical President In American History

Spinning Omicron

From the beginning, the left has spun COVID to be much worse than it ever really was. They did the same thing with Omicron: It's more transmissible and less severe became IT'S WAY MORE TRANSMISSIBLE!!!!! and maybe less severe. WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIIIIIE

Authoritarian Science and the Case of Hydroxychloroquine

Taibbi: "Right-Wing" Now Means: Doesn't Bend The Knee To The Woketarian Cult

NYT: MMT Fangirl

Progressive "Anti-Racism" Is A Crock Of Shit

My title, not theirs.

Carolina 94 - FSU 74

Nice work Heels!

Russia-Ukraine Preditions

As usual, there are disagreements. The administration is saying "invasion by Wednesday." Lots of conservatives are saying that the Rooskie threat is being overblown. Ukraine is clearly preparing for the worst, but, apparently, also saying that Washington is unnecessarily fanning the flames. 
At any rate, though we don't want to take the Wednesday part that seriously, at least we have a prediction and a crucial experiment: if there's no invasion soon, it's a point for the red team; if there is, it's points for Slytherin the blues.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Trudeau: "Mandates Are The Way To Avoid Further Restrictions"

And if there's anybody who understands man dates....:

Your Blue Future: DC School Brainwashes Kids With Simulated BLM Protest

There is no way you should let these people anywhere near your kids:

VDH: Why Ideology Is The Ancient Enemy Of Civilization

Peak Woke?

Or joke?

Are The Biden Administration And The Swamp Creating A Russia-Ukraine Crisis?

Your Blue Future: "The Degradation Of Life In Los Angeles Is Exponential"

This is what happens when you try to run your country on the basis of theories made up in the women's studies department last Tuesday.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

If You're Vaxed, And You're Still Afraid Of COVID, Then You Probably Don't Know The Odds

In my experience, progressives don't want to know the odds--they're religiously committed to masks and lockdowns and staying home:
   The researchers report that none of the healthy people under 65 had a severe case of Covid that required treatment in an intensive-care unit. Not a single one of these nearly 700,000 people died, and the risk was miniscule for most older people, too. Among vaccinated people over 65 without an underlying medical condition, only one person died. In all, there were 36 deaths, mostly among a small minority of older people with a multitude of comorbidities: the 3 percent of the sample that had at least four risk factors. Among everyone else, a group that included elderly people with one or two chronic conditions, there were just eight deaths among more than 1.2 million people, so their risk of dying was about 1 in 150,000.
   Those are roughly the same odds that in the course of a year you will die in a fire, or that you’ll perish by falling down stairs. Going anywhere near automobiles is a bigger risk: you’re three times more likely during a given year to be killed while riding in a car, and also three times more likely to be a pedestrian casualty. The 150,000-to-1 odds of a Covid death are even longer than the odds over your lifetime of dying in an earthquake or being killed by lightning.

VDH On Illegal Immigration

I wish he were wrong, but he isn't:

THE Officer Tatum On Some Dumbshit Anti-White T.V. Series

Stop trying to reason with these people, Tatum. You're going to give yourself an aneurism:

Stephen Miller: Biden's Immigration Plan "Would Erase America's Nationhood"; "A Policy Choice" Misrepresented As A Resource Issue

This guy's smart and reasonable. Ergo, of course, RAAAACIST!!!

MTG The "Gazpacho Police" Will Drag You Off To The Goulash

Ok I made up that last part, but the first part is hilariously true.
At first I figured it was made up, then I thought it must have been a joke...but it's real, and without a single humor indicator.

The Progressive Shoplifting Myth

One of the most interesting things about the new radical left is that they manage to get almost everything wrong.

CRT In K-12: Doesn't Exist No Wait Isn't Being Taught No Wait Can't Be Taught Outside Grad School No Wait Must Be Taught No Wait...

I expect this to be the new line: it must be taught but it must be taught "correctly"...whatever that means. Here they only tell us that materials must be vetted by scholars with appropriate skin tones...
   There's no need and probably no excuse for teaching CRT pseudoscience to kids. The claim that CRT indoctrination is required in order to teach them about race in America is analogous to the claim that Scientological brainwashing is necessary to teach kids about world religions. 

Progressives Puzzled And Angry That Matt Taibbi Left Their Cult

I couldn't even stomach the whole thing.
Jesus those people have lost their shit.

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Do Masks Work?

Long answer.
Short answer:

"Economists Are Fueling The War Against Public Health"

Probably bullshit--but here it is anyway.

Monday, February 07, 2022

Fake Masks

I highly recommend these totally fake masks. 
You can cut out the second layer inside and they're even faker.

The Dillards--Dooley

Freakin' classic

VDH: How American Citizenship Is Under Attack

"New York's Gerrymander Is An Affront To Democratic Principles"

One always expects a little bit--but the NY case does seem extreme. 
   Though, to be fair, the Dems have gone so far off the deep end that I probably wouldn't object much if the Pubs had done it. I don't agree with the rest of Hosie's piece. Though Trump has done more than his share to undermine confidence in the system, the Dems have done way, way more than their share. I tend to generally support the laws Pubs have passed in response, and not the bullshit ones proposed by the Dems. And no one should support nationalizing elections. 

Sunday, February 06, 2022

VDH: No One Can Rule The World


No, McMinn Co. Schools Did Not Ban Art Spiegelman's Maus

As the comments note, the left is really, really trying to inflate this into something that might kinda sorta possibly maybe hold a sort of semi-smoldering candle to the left's massive, totalitarian censorship dice.

Carolina 67 - d00k 87

Basketball is stupid.

Democrats Are Responsible For The War On Cops

Eric Adams Says 'Cracker'

Biden Acts More Like Putin's Puppet Than Trump Ever Did

Does it even make any sense to bother comparing Trump and Biden in any way anymore?
I don't even get any I-told-you-so pleasure from it any more. 
Well, ok...not much anyway.
And I assure you: I typically take enormous pleasure from being able to say "I told you so."

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Coming Soon: Climate Lockdowns?

I don't believe this--but I don't disbelieve it, either. It's obviously a possibility.
I suppose the thing to do is treat it like a prediction: if it starts happening, it will be confirmation of the general conservative view of such things. If it doesn't, that'll be evidence that conservative concerns have gone too far in this respect.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Duke Philosophy Ph.D. Flips Shit, Threatens To Shoot UCLA

The rest of the philosophy world:

So you're saying there's an opening at UCLA?

We're Stuck With Biden...But At Least We Don't Have Trudeau

WTH, Canada?
That guy is a joke.

The Canadian Convoy Has Stolen The Hearts Of The People, And The Media Is Not Taking It Well

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Trump's Disturbing Claim That Pence Could Overturn The Election

...was false.