Thursday, August 05, 2021

Chris Chan Rapes His Own Mother--Who Has Dementia

This guy is kind of a living meme or something. I barely even knew who he was before this. He's just somebody people joke about on the interwebs, basically. 
   He represents himself as a woman--i.e. he's "transgendered." Which raises problems for lefties as (a) nobody knows who "Christine Chandler" is, and (b) they're not going to want to say that a woman raped her own dementia-afflicted mother...  Of course "deadnaming" is the made-up sin of daring to mention someone's actual name after they've changed it...but only if they changed it because they began misrepresenting their sex. No other name changes are similarly treated.
   Also of interest: it turns out that he lives in Ruckersville. Weird. But I guess he's got to live somewhere...
   Anyway. Of course the person in question has never exhibited any mental problems before this... Nope. This comes completely out of the blue with no signs of mental abnormality of any kind previously. Completely normal person. Completely clean bill of psychological health. Totally out of the blue. I mean, jeez, you'd think there'd have been some sign of mental instability prior to raping his--oops! Her!--Alzheimeric mother... But no! So weird!
   Incidentally, it's depressing that the NY Post has gone over to the crazy side:
Greene County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in a Facebook post that Chandler was charged with one count of incest, calling Chandler “he” despite the trans vlogger’s preferred pronouns.
Despite his her preferred pronouns! Despite them! Despite! Oh, the humanity!
   A sane person transported to now from e.g. 2010 would not know what to make of this lunacy. With luck, neither would someone from 2030...


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