Sunday, July 18, 2021

"Virginia Is A Rising Leader In Passenger Rail"

WTF is a "rising leader"? Sounds like not a leader to me. Is a Corporal a "rising leader"? Is he a rising General? 
Sounds to me like the WaPo just getting a bit overwhelmed by its lust for mass transit.
I used to be gung-ho for mass transit. That was back before the government and corporations went totalitarian and started going after people who said things they don't like. Now? Fuck you. I'll take cars. Trucks, actually. The more control those assholes have over something, the less you can rely on it. Also fuck the climate hoax. (I mean: yes, there's been some warming; but I'm sick of uncertainty being represented as certainty.) In all honesty, I'm all about big-ass trucks and SUVs now. I'm sick of being lied to. And God knows what another 3.5 years of hard-left Democrat rule will wreak on the country. I'm going to buy something that can crawl over many things.


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