Monday, July 19, 2021

Treacher: "Anti-"Fa Blackshirts Fight Against Women's Rights (And Get Their Asses Gratifyingly Kicked)

Of course I abhor violence and would do everything! in my power to avoid it no matter what! Needless to say! Buuut....there's no denying that these papered little Blackshirts of ambiguous "gender" deserve to get pummeled... And the cops oblige in at least some cases. 
   The little scamps are attacking women who are protesting the "Wi" spa in which a man pretending to be a woman exposed his junk to women and little girls. Treacher explains:
Men are evil, unless they identify as women, in which case their rights supersede those of genetic females, who are bigots for wanting to go to the spa without seeing naked men, who are evil, unless they identify as women, in which case...

Aside from everything else crazy here: when are women going to understand that they always come in last in the Oppression Olympics? The left always puts women after every other faux victim group. Always. They even come in last behind men pretending to be women. I mean come on... Short of being a reviled straighwhitemale, women really can't come in any laster, OO-wise.


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