Thursday, July 22, 2021

Rove on Biden

This is overly-generous, but still damning. Rove's right that Biden has, at least, returned a kind of normality and dignity--or, at least, lack of crass buffoonery--to the office. I think that's extremely important...and yet it pales in comparison to his mind-bogglingly awful policies and initiatives. As Rove notes, he's governing far to the left of how he ran; that alone outweighs the tone/demeanor advantage he has over Trump. His biggest single error--though there's a lot of competition for that title--is probably having created a border crisis basically out of thin air by undoing Trump's practical, wildly successful, multi-dimensional purely on the basis of hard-left progressive quasi-open-borders ideology. 
   Well, I'm not going to go on. This is not your father's Democratic party. This is a party such that, if anyone had described it to Dems of 2000--or even 2010--they'd have angrily laughed it off as a conservative fabrication. But here we are.


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