Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Reuters' Lies About CRT, or: Who Will Fact-Check The Fact-Checkers?

This, from Reuters, doesn't link to the actual survey questions, so I recommend that we just consider it lies unless/until we see the actual survey. The post itself contains obvious lies about CRT, e.g.:
The poll showed that a bipartisan majority of Americans say that high school students should learn about slavery and racism in America. Yet respondents were more opposed to teaching critical race theory, which maintains that the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow racial segregation laws continues to create an uneven playing field for nonwhite Americans.

That's a shameless, thermonuclear distortion that's the moral equivalent of a lie, so I'll just refer to it as such. This is like saying: 

Most people think we should be concerned about our economic future, but they "were more opposed" to the Green New Deal, which maintains that climate change will wreck the near-future economy.

Agreeing with theory T about one uncontroversial bit of T does not entail agreement with the controversial parts of T. And it doesn't show that there's some inconsistency involved in rejecting T, especially if T is largely composed of insane sub-theories (or sub-policies) that you've been careful not to mention--as do both the GND and CRT. 
   Of course this is a major part of many of our problems: the MSM is now a full-blown progressive propaganda operation. On top of that, they get to fact-check themselves. This is like asking a known liar whether he's lying in the case at hand. In my experience, if you ask someone whether he's lying, on rare occasion he'll fess up. But usually, of course, not.
   And of course the very fact that the whole progressive-industrial complex has gone into high gear to lie about CRT...We're not teaching it in K-12! It's impossible to teach it in K-12! It's impossible to teach it outside of law schools! No, wait, we are teaching it! In fact, we're going to fight to teach it! In fact it's impossible to teach K-12 without teaching it! But that's ok because it's just a "lens"! So it's neither true nor false! Because truth is a "white way of knowing!" But CRT is true! In fact, it's impossible to teach about slavery and racism without teaching it! ALSO TEH MATHZ IS RAZIZT!!!!!!1111111
   This, again, is almost entirely the fault of progressives. The conservative reaction to this insanity is well between the ditches given the nature and importance of the problem. They may not get CRT exactly right every time--in fact, there's no such thing as getting it exactly right, since there are different accounts of what it is even among its proponents. And it'd be a miracle if the anti-CRT laws didn't overstep in some cases. But progressive are indoctrinating kids with some of the craziest and most destructive ideas out there--and that's saying something. And, of course, it's not an aberration: progressives are not liberals. They are not committed to reason and intellectual autonomy. They seek to indoctrinate and--Marx-wise--don't care about understanding the world, but only care to change it. And the changes they seek would be for the very much worse.


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