Friday, July 23, 2021

MO Teachers Conspired With CRT Advocate To Hide Radical Teachings From Parents

No surprise.
   We already know this is going on. The relevant group of teachers keeps flip-flopping around among several different positions in a way that makes it clear they are lying, cheating and indoctrinating. We're not teaching CRT...It's impossible to teach CRT to kids...What we're teaching is not technically CRT...We're teaching "CRT," but that stands for "culturally responsible teaching!"...We'll fight to keep teaching CRT!...We'll stop teaching CRT when you pry our copies of Delgado and Stefancic from our cold, dead hands...
   To be clear: there's nothing wrong with teaching CRT in an objective way to students who are capable of thinking about it. What's objectionable is indoctrination, biased presentation of views, refusal or inability to discuss both strengths and weaknesses of views that are taught, dishonesty about what's being taught, teaching radical ideas as if they were well-established, teaching mere opinion as if it were knowledge, using public schools to advance partisan/factional agendas, using classrooms as soapboxes, and so on.
   Remember, we're dealing with an anti-liberal view here. It's part of the view itself that objectivity is impossible, and social change (to the left, as goes without saying) is the goal--not education. Fairness, objectivity and intellectual autonomy are liberal values, not illiberal leftist ones. One should predict that the very people who accept CRT should aim to covertly indoctrinate students; one should be surprised if they didn't.


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