Monday, July 19, 2021

"How To Be An Anti-capitalist,: or: Find Somebody Who Looks At You The Way Chuck Schumer Looks At...

...his last, best chance to wreck the country.
   Really all I ask is for people to make no more than a roughly average number of vaguely reasonable mistakes. Just get in the damn ballpark. Stop with the cavalcade of massively idiotic unforced errors, for the lova.
   Sadly, when you start off from climate apocalypticism, you've already committed yourself to something that's going to lead to more than an average number of mistakes--and some really bad ones. 
   I'll admit that having a doddering President in physical and mental decline is less embarrassing and psychologically taxing than having Trump up there taking verbal dumps in the spotlight 24/7. But, to repeat myself repeating myself, I'll take embarrassing words and solid deeds over good manners and bad policy just about any day.


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