Sunday, June 13, 2021

Statement From Trump: I Was Right All Along

(via Insty)

   The Hydroxychloroquine thing was largely luck--and may still turn out not to be true. But it wasn't entirely luck.
   Even ignoring that, we still face a kind of puzzle: if Trump's such an unhinged idiot, why is he right so often?
   My long-standing answer: Trump's biggest epistemic advantages are really just a lack of disadvantages: he's right so much more than the left because the left is wrong so often. It has become an unhinged cult driven largely by political correctness: it subordinates reason to its political dogmas. It has disabled the main mechanism by which humans make epistemic progress: it refuses to acknowledge its errors. It ignores factual disconfirmation, and discredits criticism by categorizing all who disagree with it as racists (and the like). It lives in a fantasy world of its own making. 
   Trump's main advantage is that he is kind of an asshole. He refuses to be cowed into saying--and believing--that night is day. He doesn't burst into tears when the left calls him a racist. He's the one-eye man in the valley of the blind.


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