Friday, June 11, 2021

Russiagate, Lab-Leak-gate, Lafayette-Square-gate...Not To Mention Covington-Kids-gate...And On And On...

How many of these things can pile up before Progressitarianism/Woketarianism starts losing adherents? 
The cult's propaganda wing insisted that Xenu or whatever and his fleet of UFOs were gonna land LIKE TOTALLY NEXT WEEK several times dice. And we're just talking about the conclusively-disproven stuff--not all the other patent falsehoods they're pushing like climate apocalypticism, BLM's open season claim, transgender mythology etc. etc. etc. 
   The UFOs did not land, my dudes. 
   When prophecy fails...again and again...the cognitive dissonance...eventually...becomes too much for even cultists to tolerate.
   And note: contrary to what a lot of conservatives are claiming: I don't think it's exactly right to blame the media. The media is part of progressivism--but it's like a semi-autonomous propaganda office. Sometimes the progressive MSM acts fairly autonomously, but that's usually because it knows the general ideas and talking points that the Democrats and leftist "scholar-activists" are already pushing. For example, it doesn't have to stop and ask what it should say about Kavanaugh/CBF, nor about clearing Lafayette Square. It both reports on the dogma of the left and helps shape it. With respect to Lafayette Square, I'd bet that it is mainly the PMSM's fault. With respect to LabLeakGate, it was progressive virologists who took the lead in making the LLH unPC. Or so it seems to me, anyway.

[Title weirdness: I'm not claiming that the lab-leak hypothesis is proven; but I do (seem to?) mean that something's been guess I meant: it's proven that the classification of the LLH as bunk was bullshit; it's never been bunk. Whatevs.]


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