Thursday, June 10, 2021

Progressivism Contra The Family--Shrier: "When The State Comes For Your Kids"

The neo/quasi-Marxist left has long made it clear that it aims to erode or destroy the nuclear family. This isn't some conservative crackpottery: as is so often the case, the leftist intelligentsia and activist vanguard has long come right out and said as much. They do refrain from saying it so openly that their less-radical trailing edge would be unable to ignore it. You wouldn't think that'd work, but somehow it does. It's a standard kind of motte-and-bailey strategy. It works just well enough that non-wackos who want to believe can continue doing so. It's rather like their position on anti-white racism, open borders, etc.--there's an exoteric doctrine and an esoteric one. The latter is for the elect--among themselves, and in their quasi-scholarly conferences and publications, they can admit their racism, admit that their ultimate goal is open borders--and admit that they seek the destruction of the family. The exoteric doctrine leaves all those ultimate aims unstated. If you follow out their lines of argument, you can see where the lines converge...but people don't follow out lines of argument. Not most of them, anyway. And certainly not true believers.
   So now the incoherent doctrine of transgenderism is being used to more-or-less just take children away from their parents. K-12 schools are brainwashing children with radical leftist dogma, including CRT. Holy and unquestionable BLM has openly said that they are Marxist, and aim to "disrupt" the nuclear family...but, hey, they took that off their website when people started noticing. And, again: that thin, ridiculous, half-hearted effort at concealment is enough for the true believers.
   Ten years ago, if I'd heard someone say the things I now routinely say, I'd have classified that person as a right-wing kook. Make of that what you will.


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