Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Eric Kaufman: The Media Is Creating False Perceptions Of Racism

Obvious, and no surprise whatsoever to anyone outside the PC echo chamber...but good to have something like scientific evidence for it.
   But it's not exactly that the media is creating it. It's that the progressive/PC/identity-politics left is creating it--and the media (other than the dedicated righty media and some freakish, niche outliers like Quillette) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the P/PC/IP/IDP left. 
   This point goes far beyond the above, but it's true, ergo I write it: they want there to be more racism. It's rather hard to deny that at this point. This isn't an unusual phenomenon in politics. When you really, really dislike the other side, you take a kind of joy in being right, and in discovering depravity on the other side...because you knew it was there all along!!!11 The cult of the left has become religiously devoted to the discovery and publicization of their version of sin--i.e. racism (and the lesser-racisms: sexism, anti-homosexual ideas, "transphobia," etc.) They just know that everyone who opposes them is an evil bigot. So they exult in every "discovery" of "racism." This is why there's a racism industry exaggerating it all. 
   It also matters that much of the left's elite makes its living off of racism and pseudo-racism. Leftist scholars, activists, and "activist-scholars," consulting firms that charge exorbitant fees to to into organizations, do "climate studies," "discover" "racism"...then charge another round of exorbitant eradicate that which is, by their own lights, ineradicable... 
   And, of course, this is the source of the left's current social, cultural, and political power. 
   So partly they've adopted the religion for whatever reason people have always adopted religion...but the rails are greased by the fact that that's where their bread is buttered (to mix metaphors in an icky way...)
   Anyway: yes. The left and the media (but I repeat myself) are creating false perceptions of racism. Just as they did in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases: they're picking out unrepresentative cases that help their case...then they're lying about them...because even those unrepresentative cases don't do what they need them to do. They fabricate a story about whites--and, in particular, white cops--driven by racism to murder blacks. Then, when the courts find this bullshit to be bullshit, they use that, too, as evidence of white racism...oh, sorry...of course I mean "white supremacy"...: See? Even when the racist murder is undeniable, racist Amerikkka refuses to punish it! 
   But this insanity continues virtually unchecked because the cult controls the media, universities, the bureaucracy, publishing....everything. This control of the mainstream message--plus the reign of terror that prevents liberals from speaking up (or even acknowledging) all this--permits this utter. fucking. insanity. to destroy more and more of the country.
   Furthermore and finally: it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. All of this is making more racism. It's got to be creating more racism among blacks, and that's got to be creating more anti-black racism among non-blacks. 
   Progressivism is a type of insanity.


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