Thursday, February 25, 2021

America Has Lost Its Mind: "Rachel" Levine Confirmation Hearing Edition

If people ten years ago could see this...well, they'd never believe it. They'd claim there was no possible way for this dystopian future to emerge--and certainly not so quickly. No one dares even point out that Levin is a guy in a dress pretending to believe that he's a woman... Such hatefacts can no longer be spoken. No, that shit is right off the table now. Now we've moved on to: Is it permissible to object to the sexual mutilation of children? We're not even really asking whether it's permissible to sexually mutilate children. As you can see, Paul is accused of "transphobia" (note: not an actual thing) for so objecting. We're well on the way to moving this over into the Impermissible to question category. Question the sexual mutilation of 3-year-olds and you're a bigot, bigot. You'd think this would be a bridge too far...but, then, you'd have thought all of it would have been. And none of it was. I can't but believe, in my gut, that the U.S. will come to its senses at some point. Even France seems to be. But the progressive left is stark, raving insane at this point, and it controls...well...basically everything. The Biden administration is already a clown show that makes one long for a return to the relative normality of...the Trump administration... But, really, the left's insane transformation of the USA seems to be picking up steam, not losing it. So, one wonders, what comes after child sexual mutilation? My guess has been: open child sexualization. That project is fairly well underway already. It's overtaken polygamy as my lead hypothesis about what. the. fucking. fuck. the deranged left will do next. Even if we do beat this back, the Overton window will have been displaced so far to the crazy that we're probably doomed anyway. 
   And, recall, I have traditionally been far, far more liberal than the average American. I absolutely positively think that Richard Levine should be able to wear dresses, take estrogen, and ask people to call him 'Rachel.' It's a free goddamned country, you see. I'd fight for his right. Or I would have. But, then, I never thought that the left would take control, lose its mind, and insist that we all believe--or pretend to believe--that he really is a woman. I didn't predict this, in part, because I foolishly thought we had won the PC wars. I didn't realize that political correctness, like Sauron, would retreat into the Mordor of the para-faculty, only to emerge, stronger than ever, like five years ago. I knew that PC is the subordination of facts to dogma. But I--stupidly--thought we beat it. Also: who could have predicted that it would become so audacious as to demand that we all pretend that men are women? Not only do our eyes clearly see what's in front of us...but male woman is an outright contradiction. I gotta give 'em credit... Arbeit macht frei seems downright reasonable by comparison. Not to mention War is peace et al...


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