Friday, January 08, 2021

Trump's Concession Speech / Comments On Capitol Riot

Very well-done. And he managed not to mention is imaginary landslide! If he'd have said all that two months ago...or even immediately after the might have saved his reputation. 

Democrats want to impeach him again, but they're completely unhinged at this point. They've been trying to destroy Trump and humiliate his supporters for more than four years at this point. Their previous efforts were so full of shit that, even though I think they have a point this time, fuck 'em. There's simply no reason to be so charitable as to conjecture that their motives might be anything other than heinous. We're about to be subjected to their tender mercies for the next two years. And Trump, his family and close supporters will be hounded for years or decades. If they pursue impeachment now, it will be figurative war from the instant Biden is inaugurated. Which, well, maybe it should be anyway.

And, of course, since progressives control all the institutions engaged in information-processing-and-dissemination, Trump's final, plausibly catastrophic mistake will be told of and amplified for years or decades. His accomplishments, of course, will be denigrated and minimized. 

At any rate, despite my intemperate earlier comments about impeachment, it's time to let this go.


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