Sunday, January 10, 2021

Summer: AP: Don't Say 'Riot,' Say 'Protest'; Now: TREASONOUS SEDITIOUS INSURRECTION!!!!

I don't have a lot of inclination to defend the Capitol rioters--though I do think that some people who don't normally show a lot of sentimentality about America and its symbols are a lot more outraged by this than would be predictable from their past words and actions. I think outrage is fitting in this case. But it's also obvious that extra outrage is being produced/play-acted for political purposes. The degree of outrage infecting the left is clearly inconsistent with their excuse-making and heroification of riots....oh...wait...mostly peaceful the summer. AP, among others, said we shouldn't use the word 'riot,' and shouldn't even focus on the riots. Instead we should focus on the underlying grievance. Because something something "stigma" or something. The left, unsurprisingly, turned on a dime about this on Wednesday. Though I do find a lot of the outrage somewhat insincere, I'm not focusing on that. I'll just point out again that the cases are similar enough (ignoring Trump's role) that there's no way to justify the heroification of one and a total freakout about the other. Anyway:


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