Thursday, January 14, 2021

Progressivism In Yet Another Nutshell: The Psychotic Persecution Of Kyle Rittenhouse

It really doesn't get much crazier than this.
These people will pursue you to the ends of the Earth, using every means they can muster to make you miserable. This is the prosecutorial equivalent of Antifa throwing shit on its opponents. Rittenhouse was trying to do good, and he acted entirely in self-defense. It's all on video. It could not be any clearer. The people who assaulted him, and whom he shot, were violent rioters with criminal histories including sex crimes. Wisconsin prosecutors are trying to make it illegal for him to drink...and to make the 'ok' sign...which is a joke that originated in the hysterical left-wing effort to make everything racist. 
   The reason I and 74,000,000 other Americans voted for Trump is that, loony as he is, he's less abjectly insane than the rationality-destroying mind-virus that's taken over the left. Or was, anyway, until he lost. Now he's moved into just-about-as-crazy-as-the-left territory.
   Few people even understand what the Proud Boys really are. I certainly don't. They seem to aim mostly at opposing Antifa violence. They're on the right, but they're multi-racial...making media accusations of "white supremacy" implausible. Oh and: the media, being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the progressive left, calls everyone who disagrees with it a "white supremacist" you can basically divide through by such accusations.

[Note the deceptive wording of the story: KR made a handsign "adopted by some white supremacist groups." That's true...ish. What happened was that the hysterical left tried to make the OK sign into something then people like me started flashing it around specifically to make fun of them. Then--we're told--some racists did the same now we're supposed to consider the gesture racist. 
These people are completely off their collective nut.]


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