Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Prager: The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election

I agree with almost everything about this, and have said similar things here. My only differences with Prager are, first, I'm not merely agnostic about whether the election was stolen for Biden--rather I doubt that it was. I'd bet at least a moderate amount of money that it wasn't. Second, I'd add the lower-than-historically-average rejection rates for absentee ballots to the list of important anomalies. But I very much agree that the moral motive to cheat against Trump would be powerful in someone who believed all the progressive lies about him. In fact, even someone who merely had the true belief that Trump is/was unfit for the Presidency and too much of a loose cannon to be trusted with it would have a fairly powerful motive to cheat. At any rate: extensive investigations are needed. There's crazy afoot on both the left and the right on this issue. On the right, people commonly categorically declare that the election was stolen. On the left, they commonly categorically declare that there is no evidence whatsoever of cheating. In actual fact, we have weak evidence of shenanigans, much of it roughly circumstantial and statistical, and much of that can be explained by Trump's personal distastefulness and unfitness for public office--and by the progressive media's lies about him. Of course there should be investigations--there should be no doubt about that. But there's little reason to think they'll reveal anything earthshaking. 


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