Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Place-of-Discovery Names For Viruses Were Always Fine...Then They Were Briefly THE MOST RAZIZT THING E-VAR...Now They're Cool Again

I disagree with Mirengoff about the reason, though. I mean, it may have been that some people were carrying water for the left's new BFFF, the Chicoms. But also: the left's terminological pronouncements are impressionistic, capricious, and mostly arbitrary. Something strikes some Twitter moonbat as having the wrong ring to it, we can suddenly be inundated with screechy, senseless arguments about why IT'S TOTALLY RACIST, RACIST!!!!1111
   My own university has a poster from the CDC prattling on about "stigma"....a bit of lefty jargon that was suddenly all over the place when they decided 'Wuhan virus' was evil...but then it kinda disappeared. As if the CDC had experts on "stigma"... This is another feature of lefty pseudoexpertise: institutions pretend that their technical expertise in some field gives them special authority to decree PC theories and jargon to be correct. E.g.: brain scientists who allegedly find female-like features of the brains of "transgendered" men and declare that they're really women! But nothing about being a brain scientists gives you any particular authority to speak on the nature of manhood and womanhood. 
   Anyway, as I've said in the past: Wuhan virus, Wuhan virus, Wuhan virus, Wuhan virus.
   Or, in the words of the Hodge Twins: We call it 'Chinese virus' because it's from China.


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