Monday, January 18, 2021

Henry I. Miller: Little-Known Facts About The COVID-19 Pandemic

   If true, a couple of things: 
   First: the pandemic is more serious than conservatives have tended to represent it as being.
   Second: it still seems to me that across-the-board lockdowns are kinda crazy. Still seems like we ought to be focusing on folks who are old-ish and sick-ish. The young and healthy could contribute to that project while mostly getting on with their lives. Depriving them of schooling and early-career jobs is going to have negative repercussions the rest of their lives. Or so it seems from the perspective of a non-expert. 
   Third: I'm still baffled about the vaccines--again, especially when the young are at issue. There seems to be no evidence that they reduce transmission rates. All they seem to do is mitigate symptoms. Which suggests that we may be just creating a lot of asymptomatic spreaders. One wouldn't have to be crazy--would one--to suggest that it's better that infected people manifest symptoms. And if the young tend to socialize more, and are basically not at risk from the thing, why push such vaccines on them? Presumably reducing the severity of symptoms also reduces fatality rates...though I've never seen this affirmed explicitly.
   Finally: rumors of permanent organ (including brain) damage persist. I continue to wonder whether it's concerns about this that is driving what seem like indefensible fears about younger, healthier people getting the thing. 
   It's surprising to me how little sense the official story--as it trickles down to me, anyway--still seems to make. 


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