Saturday, January 16, 2021

Funny How Cuomo Et Al. Have Decided, A Week Before Biden's Inauguration, That Now It's Imperative To Reopen

People on the right predicted this a long time ago. 
Progressives and the MSM have--undeniably, I'd say--fanned the flames of COVID hysteria. Basically from the beginning. Or, anyway, as soon as the MSM stopped derisively dismissing it as just a cold. They've used every low-down, despicable tactic to undermine Trump. Exaggerating the danger and harm of the Wuhan virus is in no way beyond the progressive left--which is, of course, not to say that everyone on that side of the fence participated, nor would do so. 
   But, one way or another, many, many folks on the right long ago floated a test of the hypothesis: that if Biden won, the hysteria would let up and blue states would start re-opening. 
   So was this a conscious strategy by the left? Perhaps to some extent and by some people--e.g. Cuomo. More commonly, though, it's likely just the result of bias, which distorts one's whole way of seeing such things. Progressives are already more risk-averse than conservatives. They believe Trump to be the devil, and see everything he does through that lens. It's very common in lefty comments sections to see people saying that Trump is responsible for all batflu deaths in the USA. Do they really believe that? They really sorta do. To some extent it's belief, and to some extent it's more like attitude: they see everything Trump-related as bad, horrific, dangerous. Not that Trump didn't give them plenty of ammunition with his chaotic claims during his daily batflu briefings. Because, lord, he sure did...
   But anyway. We are getting more evidence now that lockdowns aren't worth it. So the case is somewhat fuzzy. Though such information has been available for months now...
   I suppose one could say: now that Trump is decisively defeated, it's safe unlock...
   But who knows? I'm not objective about all this either.


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