Thursday, January 14, 2021

Does The Timeline Show That Trump Wasn't Responsible For The Capitol Riot?

   Of course the MSM has no interest in this story. Their goals are: get Trump; get more power for the blues. They have no interest in the truth. 
   I've seen some MSM stories now shifting to the Trump's been doing this for months! strategy--presumably in anticipation of the timeline argument getting out of the box. They seem to be thinking a move or so ahead.
   I've begun to doubt the strength of the argument attributing causation of the riot to Trump's words at the Ellipse. Personally, I'm more concerned about his crazy conviction. He has been saying this loony shit for weeks. And it really is totally nuts. My sense is that this isn't going to turn out to have been Trump's fault--proximately speaking, that is. He has been saying this crazy crap for weeks...but that's not going to hold up as incitement. People had too long to think about it. So their reason had plenty of time to intervene between Trump's words and their actions. Add that he didn't say anything at the Ellipse that will amount to incitement--and that he specifically admonished them to be peaceful---once--and that's going to be an end on it.
   But the real problem is that this crazy belief has taken hold all across the right that election shenanigans have basically been proven. It's been kinda scary to watch this conviction take hold--not so much because of the danger it poses, but rather just because it is so. damn. nuts.


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