Thursday, January 07, 2021

DeVos Resigns

Too bad that most of her good work--like much of Trump's--will be undone. Another four years and she might have saved the university, hence Western Civilization...  OTOH, I sort of advocate everybody quitting despite Trump's efforts to make amends. Anybody who quits will lower their odds of being mercilessly harassed by progressives for the rest of their born days.*
   Biden will, of course, replace her with some kind of Ed.D.-bearing educrat. Secretaries of education with education degrees are just going to make the disaster that is our educational system worse. And currently it seems to be more about brainwashing than about anything that could reasonably be called learning
   Thanks, Secretary DeVos, for you fantastic work.

[*Seems like several people may have had this idea. I'm not sure how many people commonly resign at the end of an administration, though.]


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