Saturday, January 09, 2021

DeVos: Controversial Legacy, Soon Reversed

What she's done for universities has been absolutely fantastic. I've said in the past that (up until 1/6/21, anyway) DeVos alone was worth the price of Trump. Four more years and she might have saved Western Civilization...
   I don't understand school choice well enough to deserve an opinion, but I know about the university issues.  
   Here are some of DeVos's horrific crimes against humanity:
Her most lasting legacy may be a sweeping directive governing how schools handle allegations of sexual assault and harassment. Those rules, which give more due-process rights to the accused, will be difficult to unwind, though President-elect Joe Biden has said he will try.
She also used executive authority to roll back Obama-era guidance on affirmative action, and to require college campuses to recognize free speech rights.

   Obviously a monster. 


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