Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Biden: "We Must End This Uncivil War"

By non-progressives capitulating to progressivism and adopting the policies and worldview of the antiliberal left. 
   I'm very much in favor of civility--and Loesch is right: it's better to aim for civility than unity. 
   Also at the Insty link: Pantyfa attacks Dem HQ in Portland, makes it clear that they hate Biden, too, and that they have no interest in peace.
   Finally: I have no particular interest in making nice with someone who won the Presidency by repeatedly and falsely accusing his opponent of racism. In particular, the repetition of the provably false "very fine people" hoax tore it. And remember: they used their big guns, racism-wise: if they had any actual evidence of racism, they wouldn't have leaned almost entirely on a provably false claim. 
   Oh and: in case you think that was just about Trump, it wasn't. That's exactly what the left will do to you, too, if you cross them. You know that's true. And that's why you probably keep your head down. 
   Thank God we're done with Trump's incivility, though! Because mean tweets are infinitely more uncivil than overt lies and character assassination undertaken with the preferred, approved liberal demeanor.


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