Monday, January 18, 2021

Biden Set To Mandate Acceptance of Transgender Mythology In Schools

 The Federalist is nutty when it comes to issues that impinge on religion, but they tend to get the other stuff right. Hey, ever notice how the left goes at young people with all their weird sex stuff? Not only their brainwashing--it's clear why they choose the young for that--but also with respect to the more intrusive and totalitarian of their policies? E.g. making rules at colleges for how people are permitted to have sex? For all Trump's crazy, he wasn't crazy enough to think that there are male women and female men. Transgender ideology and its policy repercussions are progressivism in a nutshell: radical re-engineering of society based on patently false, pseudoscientific, quasi-religious beliefs adopted on the basis of political preference rather than rational argument.

   And, just a reminder: I think that sex-segregation of the facilities at issue is an institution one can reasonably question. Just not by making patently false claims about males becoming girls/women by fiat and whatnot. If we want to seriously reconsider such social arrangements, it's got to be done in a way that's at least f*cking minimally reasonable. But the left knows it can't win the debate if it's conducted reasonably. That's why they decree debate to be "hate speech" and advance their social reengineering plots through e.g. the Department of Education, lawfare, and indoctrination of kids.

   Your blue future, ladies and xirs and xers... 


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