Saturday, January 23, 2021

Biden And The Blues Begin About-Facing On Some Of Their Kooky Positions

One of the most hilarious is: previously, Trump had botched the COVID response, and every single American death was blood on his hands. Now: there's no way for us to alter the trajectory of the pandemic.
   And: previously: any suggestion (e.g. Cotton's) that troops should be deployed in the face of politically-motivated riots was fascism, and grounds for censorship by the media at the very least. Now, it's crucial to have the Guard in D.C. Like, tens of thousands of them. And in response to mere rumors that righties might assemble. Oh and: they must be vetted in terms of their political views...
   Previously: walls and fences never work and--somehow--are also immoral. Bigot! Now: unscalable fencing is all the rage around the Biden White House.
   But the important point is: no mean tweets!


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