Monday, January 11, 2021

Althouse: If Trump Knew There Was A Plan To Storm The Capitol, Then He Incited

 Seems reasonable to me. Mmm...on second thought, maybe not. Just knowing that someone posted that tweet might not be enough. But--not a lawyer. I am inclined to agree with McCarthy, though: doesn't seem like incitement is the relevant standard here. 

In other news: we're in big trouble. Regardless of what happens to Trump. the antiliberal left is now free to rampage across the land. My view about the two sides is that the left infiltrates institutions and slowly destroys the country...and the right snaps every now and then and does something f*cking insane (see, e.g.: James Alex Fields. Also: storming the Capitol). These acts increase the power of the left. Cycle repeats, worse each time.


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