Friday, January 08, 2021

*Actual* Trump-Supporters Stop Antifa False-Flaggers From Damaging Capitol?

Ok, at first I pooh-poohed the idea of an Antifa false-flag operation. For one thing, wingnuts have a tendency to offer that explanation way too much. But then I saw the by-now-well-known video of a group of rioters breaking into the Capitol building via a window. I've watched quite a few pro-Trump protest videos, and these guys...well....they certainly don't scream Pantyfa...but they don't seem quite like pro-Trump-protest types either. Certainly the destruction of property is atypical. The guy chanting "kill 'em...kill!" seems like a pretty artless bit of false-flaggery... They do wear camo rather than black...though no vaguely plausible false-flaggers would wear black... At any rate, I characterize those guys as suspicious
   But here's a much clearer case. Here's a case of someone smashing a (multi-thousand-dollar, incidentally) window. The actual MAGA crowd identifies him as Pantyfa and tries to stop him. One guy finally tackles him, drags him away from the window, and fights with him. Gateway Pundit used to be reliable in the sense that basically everything he published was rubbish...but he really turned around a couple of years ago, and now often publishes accurate stuff. At any rate, in this case, the video's right there for your consideration.
   Andy Ngo--who everybody acknowledges to be, basically, the authority on the subject--says that, in the video he's examined, the people in the Capitol building don't look like Antifa to him. OTOH, I think it was Ngo himself who later identified footage of one know radical, violent BLM "activist" in the building. I read somewhere else that Viking-horn guy is a lefty. In general, many of the people in the building don't look like paradigmatic pro-Trump protestors to me...but, then, it's pretty likely that they're not paradigmatic ones... 


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