Monday, December 28, 2020

Your Blue Future: The PC Crazies Censor Homer

In case you've forgotten, these people are insane.
In response to the claim that The Scarlet Letter promotes "misogyny and slut-shaming":
   Jessica Cluess, an author of young-adult fiction, shot back: “If you think Hawthorne was on the side of the judgmental Puritans . . . then you are an absolute idiot and should not have the title of educator in your twitter bio.

She is, of course, exactly right. But--sadly and predictably: 

   An online horde descended, accused Ms. Cluess of racism and “violence,” and demanded that Penguin Random House cancel her contract. The publisher hasn’t complied, perhaps because Ms. Cluess tweeted a ritual self-denunciation: “I take full responsibility for my unprovoked anger toward Lorena Germán. I am committed to learning more about Ms. Germán’s important work... I will strive to do better.” That didn’t stop Ms. Cluess’s literary agent, Brooks Sherman, from denouncing her “racist and unacceptable” opinions and terminating their professional relationship.


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