Sunday, December 27, 2020

Turley On The Martial Law Nonsense

I basically automatically discount such hysterical TDSy bullshit from the MSM. Unfortunately, I'm a slow learner, and stuff like this martial law thing still does tug some wispy strings of concern in me. 
Turley seems right, as usual:
There is every possibility that martial law and the special counsel were raised. The meeting was described as an informal gathering with Powell and Flynn. It would be no surprise that Flynn repeated his view. I criticized Flynn recently for suggesting that martial law would be appropriate given the election controversy. It was an outrageous and reckless statement that was tantamount to a call for tyranny. For those of us who defended Flynn over his abusive prosecution, it was also a disappointment that someone who has long defended this country would embrace such an anti-democratic call. Frankly, Trump should have reminded Flynn that he is speaking to the President of the United States in the Oval Office and such a suggestion is wildly offensive and unhinged.

It's pretty creepy how rampant TDS is on the left. They decided Trump was a fascist early on--of course it's now a commonplace on the left that all non-leftists are fascists--and no matter how much evidence they have to the contrary, and no matter how many times they're wrong, and no matter how clear it becomes that it's the left that's teetering on the bring of totalitarianism, not the right...they just cannot get that idea out of their collective head.

It's inexcusable the Trump's claiming to have won the election. It's also inexcusable that the MSM and the rest of the left are refusing to acknowledge legitimate doubts about an election they engineered to be unreliable and untrustworthy. But Trump's the president, not some professional bullshitter at the NYT. There's all the difference in the world between "we're not sure the election was legit" and "I won by a landslide." This is exactly the kind of reason Trump's unfit for office--he can't control himself. He's right to raise questions, explore legal options, begin an investigation and get it set in stone so that Biden can't end it prematurely. But he crossed the line--yet another line--with his unequivocal proclamation to have won.

It'll be a relief not to have to deal with Trump's looniness after next month. Of course I think it's fairly clear that we're going out of the frying pan and into the fire...but in this case, the frying pan has been such a pain in the ass in so many ways that there'll still be a certain sense of relief at just being elsewhere...


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