Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Trump On Batflu Relief Bill: Right Again?

My clueless inclinations: I was for the first relief bill and against this one. My inclination is to say: let's stop printing money and get the economy going again. That inclination is based on two things: (i) near-total ignorance of economics and (ii) COVID hysteria skepticism. So God knows what I should really think about this.
   But I'm inclined to think that Trump is closer to being right about this than Congress--for roughly the reason he's so often righter than his interlocutors: he's offering a common-sense solution uncorrupted by crackpot theories and commitments. First, he's clearly right about the pork. (Of course I could be wrong because I have no idea why anyone would include such nonsense in such a there's likely something I don't understand going on here). Second, he's been right all along about the money. If there was going to be money, it should have been more and sooner. Or, again, so it seems.
   Of course if he vetoes this it could throw the Senate to the blue team...which would be a catastrophe.


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