Monday, December 28, 2020

Trump Needs To STFU

He's permitted--perhaps even obligated--to express doubt and call for audits and investigations. He's not permitted to assert that he won--in a landslide, no less.
   I'm grateful to the dude for what he's done. In terms of his accomplishments, he's been,,, might even say a great president in many respects. His loss to the newly-loony Dems is a terrible blow to the country. We're going to be moving from a notably good administration to a notably bad one. But it's past time to face the facts: barring something akin to a miracle, Joe Biden will become the POTUS in less than a month. 
   Trump's mouth has always been his downfall. He seems to think of himself as a good talker. In fact, it's his worst thing. He only has two dialectical/rhetorical settings: 200% FOR and 200% AGAINST. He just doesn't have it in him to say I'm skeptical, but the evidence seems to be against me. That was his batflu downfall--well, along with his inability to resist the spotlight. Once he saw the ratings, he couldn't resist being there every day. And he couldn't just say We're not sure, but here's what we currently think, and here's what we're going to try... He could maintain that sort of stance for a couple of minutes...then he'd revert to form. 
   One of the Dems' advantages is that they manage to act a little bit like ordinary people might act most of the time. Or, rather: they do a pretty good impression of aliens who do pretty good impression of a certain type of human. They have, basically, the manners of the elite. Most people know little about politics and policy, and so they go with the side that exhibits the manners they prefer. Trump, of course, repulses them--and not for particularly bad reasons. 
   Bellowing that HE'S STILL THE POTUS as he's dragged out the White House...[shakes head]...that is not going to MAGA, my friends... In fact, it's going to help La Resistance. A lot. It's going to energize the cult and its enablers, delight the Resistors of the MSM, and turn off reluctant Trump-supporters such as yours truly. It looks like it'll be Trump who defeats Trump--humiliates him, in fact, if things keep going in this direction. 
   As I've said before, Trump's always been a gamble--and this election was the most unstable and dangerous part of the gamble. It was always going to be a humiliating spectacle if he lost. Win and we got another four years of surprisingly good policies and Presidential opposition to the cult. Lose and we not only get the blues in power--perhaps across the board--but we have to endure the spectacle of Trumpian self-humiliation...not to mention cult triumphalism. We'll also have a rampaging Trump running around the country for the next 4+ years saying God-knows-what... 
   One of Trump's main flaws, IMO, is that he cannot deal with opposition like an adult--and the most obvious corollary of that is: he can't stand to lose. Losing in the biggest and most obvious and public way one can lose in's just not in him. He really might just self-destruct...


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