Friday, December 18, 2020

The Great Barrington Declaration, Again

Just posting it again.
   Of course I'm not qualified to judge, but it aligns with my half-ass conclusions/inclinations about all this. Nothing in my experience, certainly, supports hysteria or lockdowns/self-inflicted-economic-disaster. 
Being at a university, you always basically see the left side of the problem. Shutting it all down and doing classes half-assed online simply doesn't seem rational given what we know about the Kung Flu's effect on college-age kids. Professors are a different problem, but most are under the quasi-threshold at which the real danger kicks in. I'm 100% down with protecting the vulnerable; but that can be done by not acting like idiots with respect to the not-actually-vulnerable. I've got a genuinely vulnerable family-member, who I keep offering to help out. Last time I saw him, he just yelled at me for not wearing a mask while I was driving in my car and standing outside his apartment. 
   You don't have to believe this thing isn't dangerous at is members of some groups. Taking no action would have been suboptimal. But hysterically overreacting and locking it all down seemed, from fairly early on, like a damn stupid idea. It still seems that way--to me, anyway.


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