Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The "Dr." Jill Biden Dust Up: Her...Thesis? "Position Paper"? Dunno

Alright, this is all stupid and I'm not going to waste any compute cycles on it. I can't even get myself to focus on the electoral snarl.
   But, yeah, somebody posted her...thesis or whatever they call them over in ed. Yes, it's very badly-written. It's painful almost from the first paragraph. Even the first sentence is oddly (slightly) awkward. 
   But it's dumb and mean to harp on this. Go look at my dissertation. It was regarded by my committee as an unusually good piece of work--and I pretty much agree with that assessment, despite my prodigious honesty. But try counting all the its/it's errors... My God. It was my job to clean those up before the final copy was turned in, but I was just too exhausted. I was teaching at my first full-time (non-tenure-track) job, at a place I f'in hated, getting divorced (which often goes along with finishing one's dissertation), applying for real jobs, and living in my office. It turned out that I was exceptionally terrible at the job market, and underperformed even the most pessimistic expectations. So, yeah...I never put the final polish on my dissertation...yet somehow it made it past the gatekeepers affectionately (really--affectionately) known as "the bitches of Bynum hall)... 
   Anyway. It's actually a pretty good dissertation. But I'd die of shame if it were posted to the web. To be clear, though, it wasn't badly-written. So there's that, anyway.
   So, yeah. Biden's dissertation is badly-written, and it looks like a pretty low-grade piece of work. But that's not Biden's fault. That's basically the Ed.D. Education probably shouldn't be a field. It's widely-regarded inside academia as a kind of embarrassment. And it ought to be said more. The country, I'd guess, would be a lot better off without it. But there's no need to be mean to individual people.
   Finally--and I can't believe I've wasted so much time on this--is it that she really insists on being called "Dr."? I.e.: she wants people to refer to her as "Dr. Biden" or "Dr. Jill Biden"? Or is it that she likes being referred to as "Dr. Jill"? Because the latter may just be an affectionate thing her students call her, and she likes it. Anyway. Allegedly lefties made fun of Sebastian Gorka for something similar...also apparently what he really does is have "Dr.G." as a Twitter handle or somesuch.
   Anyway. This is all stupid.
   The reaction against Epstein is, naturally, much more insane...because the progressive left, as you may have noticed, has lost its goddamned mind. He's been removed from the Northwestern web-page (though he hasn't taught there for awhile) and (falsely, of course) accused of sexism and "misogyny" (a special, extra-bad kind of sexism!...because women!) So, yeah, Epstein seems to have been a bit of an ass...but generally maybe right. The left responds with its now-S.O.P. rabid totalitarian lunacy. They deserve merciless ridicule...and Biden is going to do their bidding and visit disaster on the I say: let's not waste time being mean to his wife. That's the kind of thing the crazy PC left would do. That may be reason enough for sane people not to do it.


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