Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Still Sliding Toward Biden-Harris

On the bright side, it's looking less like there was major, difference-making voter fraud. Of course the downside is: Biden-Harris and all the people that will sweep into positions of power in the bureaucracy. On another bright side it means: no more Trumpian antics from the White House. (Though I expect his antics to continue to make headlines...both because they deserve to and because Straw Trump is a powerful weapon and the MSM is dedicated to milking it for all its worth.) On the other downside, we could also end up with a blue Senate...which will be a disaster. But Trump surprised the hell out of me. Maybe Biden-Harris will, too. Though we know more about them than we did about Trump--so that's less likely. It's the loss of DeVos that that's really gut-wrenching, IMO. Or at least that's the thing that really stands out to me.
   It's even difficult--at my currently level of engagement, anyway--to tell what's really going on with the election. The massive, implausible, late-night vote-dumps remain insufficiently explained so far as I can tell. I do expect there'll be a non-sinister explanation. But my expectations about such things are of little value. Even if all that turns out ok, there's still the overall problem of the blue team (including the MSM) fanning the flames of COVID hysteria and using that as a pretext for the massive, chaotic, mail-in ballot scheme. I expect that to turn out to have been significant...and I expect the blue team to work to keep it in place. But we'll see.
   I'd like to think that everything's going to be fine--but that seems foolish. In actual fact, I think we have to expect four years in which the Dems work to institutionalize progressive/identity-politics madness, AGW hysteria, anti-firearm lunacy, and the rest of their quasi-religious worldview. On the bright side, I think it's a safe bet that the red team will flip the House (and re-flip the Senate, if necessary) in '22. Of course, the red team is still the red team, which is no great shakes either.
   But we generally muddle through. By induction, I expect us to do so for awhile longer.


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