Wednesday, December 30, 2020


For like the first time in months.

This is me now:

The campus UREC is too hysterically hysterical to go there. You have to make an appointment on the web before going--you can only be slightly early or slightly late. They have arrows on the floor, and you can only walk in certain paths/directions, they have draconian and arbitrary rules about masks (you can take them off if you're on a weight machine, but you have to wear it if you're working on the heavy bag), and they have legions of observers to make sure you're following all the nutty rules properly. So I joined a cheap townie gym, and it's SO FREAKIN' MUCH BETTER. People are generally wearing masks when they walk around--so I do, too. But they rarely wear them on the machines. There's more mask-wearing than not, and it's pretty sparsely-populated, so people keep their distance. But it's just generally saner and more conducive to actually, y'know, working out. Downside: no heavy bag. It's a slightly glam-ish gym. But it's friendly and ridiculously cheap. And any port in a storm.


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