Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Shenanigans In The Batflu Bill: Climate Shenanigans

link    Further reducing HFCs sounds good to me. R&D money for renewables seems fine to me (if we are, indeed, talking about R&D money here)--but tax credits for renewables strikes me as a boondoggle. But I don't really know. What I really oppose is all this shit getting shoveled in and passed with no discussion. 

And back to renewables R&D: that's exactly the sort of thing you would not waste money on if you actually believed that we're heading for a tipping-point in a decade. You don't gamble the future of humanity on shaky, low-energy-density, unscalable tech...when you've got something proven and much, much better with none of those drawbacks. To wit: nuclear. Not to mention fracking.  To be clear, I'm ok with R&D for "renewables." But, then, I don't believe the lies about tipping-points and existential threats. So I think we've got a lot of time to mess around and see what we can do with e.g. solar. Could pay off some day. Though not, of course, soon enough to make an appreciable difference within a decade.


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